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Masks & Gloves Needed at Holy Name Hospital

Hi ladies, Things are so very critical at Holy Name. By any slim chance, if you should hear of any of the following items becoming available, please let me know: -N95 masks-Surgical masks-Face shields or goggles-Fluid resistant isolation gowns-Non-latex gloves And of course, monetary donations are always greatly appreciated as these items are becoming available… Read more »

International Women’s Day, through the eyes of girls.

International Women’s Day has blown up my news feed. I guess it means something? I’d feel better if we didn’t need a day to celebrate the fact that we are all worth celebrating. I mean, can we imagine an International Men’s Day? Still, I’m a huge fan of women and a true believer that with every… Read more »

Girls Night Out with Brooke Shields

“The best one you’ve done yet!” If I had a pledge card for every woman who said that to me after our event with Brooke Shields last month. Each year, we invite a dynamic, accomplished, not-often-heard-from-but-pretty-well-known woman to speak at our big fall Women United in Philanthropy membership event. (Note: not a fund-raiser. It’s maybe the only non-fundraiser… Read more »

Talking about the Gender Gap

There is a lot of conversation about this now. Perhaps its the Pre-Election Season and everyone is looking to rally around a hot button. Or maybe its because celebrities are beginning to have something to say about it. Did you see Sienna Miller’s story in Vogue about her decision to turn down a role on Broadway… Read more »

The Art of Giving Away Money

I’ve been doing a good bit of reading lately about how foundations, corporations and individuals do their grant making. It’s an art, really, and there are as many different ways to invest in good causes as there are good causes in which to invest. After 10 years of grant making, the members of Women United… Read more »

Girls Giving Grants

I think this is such a terrific idea! While researching how giving circles around the country are handling their grant making programs, I came across this example of grant innovation from a group called “Impact Austin” in Austin, Texas. A women’s giving circle very similar to Women United in Philanthropy, Impact Austin started a giving… Read more »

Gloria Steinem to Release First Book in More Than 20 Years

One of the highlights of my professional career was introducing Gloria Steinem to a packed audience of Women United in Philanthropy members and their guests at our 2007 Annual Fall Gathering. Her bio, and the list of her accomplishments, awards, recognitions, appointments, prizes and published works, was three pages long. As I reached the halfway… Read more »

A Terrific Night, Talking Philanthropy

Last week, members of Women United in Philanthropy and their guests came together for a fabulous evening of discussion about grant making, foundation giving, and how best to make a difference by giving money. That may not sound exciting to everyone, but for members of our giving circle–all of whom vote to “give away” our… Read more »

Take a Walk — Work smarter, Live longer

My husband gave me a Fitbit for Valentine’s Day. He’s written inside a blank card, “Let’s live together.” I thought it was one of the most romantic things ever. Here’s the problem. I”m embarrassed to wear the darn thing because I don’t walk and don’t have a chance of reaching the American Heart Association’s recommended… Read more »

The Instinct to Make Things Better

It has been difficult to arrive at a topic for this week’s entry. The news has been filled with grief, helplessness, anger and worry and it feels disrespectful to ignore that. Regardless of our personal opinions, beliefs and politics, we can all feel sadness at how difficult life is for so many and how fortunate… Read more »