Gloria Steinem, one of the most important voices for women in our time, was the featured speaker of our Annual Fall Gathering in 2007.

Our Organization

Women United in Philanthropy (WUIP) is a women’s giving circle. We come together to help women and girls in our community achieve economic independence. In the process, we benefit individually and collectively from one another. We change our corner of the world—one grant at a time.

Our Story

It all started in 2005, with an idea, a vision and a circle of extraordinary women who believed they could make a difference in the world around them—and they were right. Women United in Philanthropy was the first women’s giving circle in New Jersey. Today, we’re one of the largest women’s philanthropic efforts in the state.

The secret to our success is our simplicity and singular focus. We choose to invest philanthropically together because we believe we can have a greater impact that way.

Rather than individuals giving $10, $25, $50 or $100 to many charities and wondering where it goes, who benefits and if it even makes a difference, we ask all members for $1,000 per year. Every October, each member gets an equal vote to choose a cause that will receive all of our money for that year… and each year, we start the process all over again. So instead, you get to become part of a completely life-changing high impact grant for organizations and individuals in your own backyard; not thousands of miles away.

We don’t believe in holding meetings about by-laws or committee structures. We only meet when we want to share information and help determine the best recipient of our annual grant—and get together for fun.

Since 2006, we have given over $770,000 to change the lives of women and girls today and tomorrow.

The nice thing is we are able to see, quite directly, how and where our dollars have gone and the difference it has made in women’s lives.

We’re changing our corner of the world—one grant at a time.