Our Organization

Women United in Philanthropy (WUIP) is a women’s giving circle. We come together to help women and girls in our community achieve economic independence. In the process, we benefit individually and collectively from one another. We change our corner of the world—one grant at a time.

How We Work

The cornerstones of membership in a giving circle are personal philanthropic gifts and a collective vision.

As individual members of Women United in Philanthropy, our personal philanthropic gift is substantial and meaningful. We give it annually and pool our gifts together in order to have greater impact. Our collective vision is to use our combined funds to help make women economically strong and able to care for themselves and their families.

Each member contributes $1,000 or more each year to the Women United in Philanthropy pooled grant fund. All members provide feedback each year about their philanthropic interests and are informed about the needs of women in Bergen County.

Each spring, we request proposals from organizations in the community providing services to women and girls. We seek creative initiatives that address key problems women face in achieving economic stability.

Each fall, after proposals are vetted and evaluated, we gather as a membership at our Annual Fall Gathering to vote on the proposal that will receive our funds. Every member casts one vote, regardless of the size of her contribution.

We award our fund in its entirety each year, and replenish it in time for the following year’s grant award. One hundred percent of our funds go to our grant recipient. No administrative costs or expenses are covered by our charitable contributions.

Our 2018 grant recipient is Children’s Aid and Family Services.
Our 2019 grant recipient is Women’s Right Information Center.
In 2020, we awarded COVID-19 Relief Grants to the Center for Food Action, YWCA of Northern New Jersey, Children’s Aid and Family Services, Jewish Family and Children Services of Northern New Jersey, 55 Kip Center, Buddies of NJ, Inc., Women’s Rights Information Center, Infant Toddler Day Care Center, Center for Hope and Safety, Family Promise and Bergen Family Center.