International Women’s Day, through the eyes of girls.

International Women’s Day has blown up my news feed. I guess it means something? I’d feel better if we didn’t need a day to celebrate the fact that we are all worth celebrating. I mean, can we imagine an International Men’s Day?

Still, I’m a huge fan of women and a true believer that with every year, we get closer and closer to the freedom to be whomever and whatever we want, irrespective of our gender.

In the 100-second film below, part of Microsoft’s “Make What’s Next” campaign timed to International Women’s Day today, we get a sense of how the world looks to young girls today. When asked, they struggle to come up with the name of a female inventor. I have to confess, as I watched this, I struggled as well. It would seem the world looks much the same to them as it did to many of us at their age. The difference, I guess, is we’re talking about it and striving for better. And in many cases, we’re picking up the mantle, alongside other women, and creating change. 

That makes it a good day.

Thank you, Microsoft, for allowing us to celebrate International Women’s Day, through the eyes of these girls:

Client: Microsoft
Agency: m:united