Monthly Archives: May 2015

A Terrific Night, Talking Philanthropy

Last week, members of Women United in Philanthropy and their guests came together for a fabulous evening of discussion about grant making, foundation giving, and how best to make a difference by giving money. That may not sound exciting to everyone, but for members of our giving circle–all of whom vote to “give away” our… Read more »

Take a Walk — Work smarter, Live longer

My husband gave me a Fitbit for Valentine’s Day. He’s written inside a blank card, “Let’s live together.” I thought it was one of the most romantic things ever. Here’s the problem. I”m embarrassed to wear the darn thing because I don’t walk and don’t have a chance of reaching the American Heart Association’s recommended… Read more »

The Instinct to Make Things Better

It has been difficult to arrive at a topic for this week’s entry. The news has been filled with grief, helplessness, anger and worry and it feels disrespectful to ignore that. Regardless of our personal opinions, beliefs and politics, we can all feel sadness at how difficult life is for so many and how fortunate… Read more »